Moving forward as a single mom and entrepreneur

Sometimes life sends us on the path of least expected, It seemed like I woke up one day and I was on my own learning to provide for me and my kids while growing a new business, a scary, unexpected place I didn’t expect to be.

kim and kids

Life goes on even when it feels like it has stopped.  You just get up brush yourself off and move forward.  But I was confused as to the how and what but I was working hard on trying to figure it out while dealing with the emotional scares of a failed marriage at the same time.

Then one day as I sat staring at my computer screen wondering what my next step was, people, business friends started reaching out to me. The people that reached out were unexpected but welcomed and heart felt.

One of those people was Shelagh Cummins.  I’ve known Shelagh for a few years; we first met at a training session at an annual momstown conference.  I liked Shelagh from the day I met her, she was real, honest, caring and a wealth of information.  Over the next few years I saw her at conferences like Blissdom Canada and WIBN, I also reached out to her on a few occasions when I needed some business assistance. If it was an emergency she always did what she could to connect with me, no matter her schedule, and help me see the light through the trees.

blissdom pic2

As I was trying to figure out next steps there was the answer staring me in the face, a text from Shelagh to assist me once again. I replied with a thank-you but not much more.  Then I realized, I do need Shelagh’s help, I sent her a note and said, “yes I do need to chat with you I am feeling a little lost.” She encouraged me not to give up and stay on my path but build in a more productive way to move my business forward.  She also encouraged me to take time for me, something I am not very good at.

She knew I was struggling both emotionally and in my business and we chatted about finding the best direction for both. I am not sure if she realized it but she took a lot of fear away that day, she also helped me feel less alone as I started my new journey as a single mom trying to support and care for my two beautiful children.

My life is starting to get back on track, and although it’s a different path then I ever saw me traveling it’s a good path that has allowed me to find peace and even a few smiles along the way.  Oh I am still scared but my drive to succeed is now bigger then my fear.

I was the person that just worked and didn’t see the need nor did I think I had the  time for a business consultant, until I met Shelagh.  I realized when we work so hard in our business we often miss the writing on the wall.  I used to say, “I work in my cave.”  What I meant by that is I worked day in, day out, and I didn’t always have the answers working by myself, in my cave.  I chose the path I thought was best for me and my business but I wasn’t always taking the right one, Shelagh helps me find the right path.  In the past I didn’t want to spend what I thought were unnecessary expenses on the business. The truth is the money spent on a business consultant allows me to make more money as I have a clearer vision not only on the path I need to travel but how to get there and enjoy life as I go.

Something I also learned from Shelagh is its ok to lean on people from time to time, and sometimes those you least expect are there for you.  Embrace, don’t walk away feeling shame and embarrassment. I took that advise and recently when Leigh Mitchell from WIBN and Julie Cole of Mabel’s Labels, along with a few others, also reached out to lend a hand I accepted with thanks!  It also showed me the power of social media and women helping women.

I’ve tried to peel back that outer shell that doesn’t allow me to reach out for help and take the help where I can find it in an effort to grow personally and professionally.  I couldn’t do it without being surrounded with amazing people that continue to assist me to stay on this path and become an independent, successful business women. It has also allowed me to not feel so alone.

Be sure to check back , or follow my blog as I will continue to share the ups and downs of life as a single mom.

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