Love my Honda HRV

Peter is busy getting ready for the garage sale and online auction today so It’s his mommy telling a story tonight.


As a single mom the last thing I want to do is go into a car dealership and buy a car. I cringe at the thought, will they take advantage of me cause I know NOTHING about cars? Ok that’s not true, I know where the oil goes, windshield wiper fluid, gas, and I know how to drive the dam thing.  Anything else gives me a headache.

So I have the things I am good at but cars has never been one of them.  Then it happened… At petsmart with two kids and a dog and my car dies. Are you freaking kidding me? Got a ride home late that night and then posted on facebook to see if someone could get me to my car in the am when the tow truck was coming.  Spent the next day waiting, waiting, waiting for a tow truck.


Found out it was just the battery… phew. New battery and I am good to go… WRONG!!!  On my way to Upper Canada Mall to deliver my daughter to camp grandma the next day and whamo… temperature light goes on.

So we drop off my daughter and on one of the hottest days of the summer my son and I drive back with the heat on high to keep the temperature down (yup, I googled it).  Back to the shop we go to find out I am leaking antifreeze.  OK, so what does that mean?  Oh yay, another $500.00 into the 2004 car.  But wait the exhaust is going, and the underside of the car is all rust.  I am sooooo done at this point and stranded with no car and two kids on my own with nobody to help me. Did I say I hate maintaining cars? I just want them to work cause a single mom with no wheels doesn’t cut it in the country with minimal transit.

That’s where this journey takes a turn.  With the advice of some friends I decide to look into the Honda HRV.  I decided to go to Stouffville Honda. Now the last few years have not been a walk in the park for me and I just assumed this would be no different. But I was wrong.

First thing I did, went to the website and looked for the guy with the biggest smile. That’s when I emailed Bryan Weir, salesman at Stouffville Honda.  I arranged to meet with him (with the kids in tow).

Off we go to Stouffville Honda, praying my car will make it and a jug of antifreeze in the trunk just in case.  Sweat pouring down my face, as we drive with the heat on, we arrive safely.  As I made my way to the door I felt sick to my stomach.. ewww, I was actually doing this.img-6426.jpg

Bing, bang, boom… I had just purchased the car I wanted, in my budget, nobody up selling me or telling me I needed things I didn’t,  with the friendliest people I’d ever dealt with.  My stomach stopped aching, my stress level dropped (that meant I stopped rambling)  and I even had a few laughs with both Bryan and Seamus.

The following week I was on my way to pick up my brand new 2018 Honda HRV.  My poor old Buick ended up at the wreckers but it had served me well.  They year I separated from my husband in 2015 was the same year my RAV4 died and my parents where kind enough to give me their 2004 Buick so I would not be stuck with no car as I was not even working at the time.  I was very happy to be getting back into an SUV.

The day I went to pick up the car and sign my life away was bitter sweet. I’d enjoyed meeting the team and as silly as it sounded I was going to miss them. You see what they never knew is I’ve had a really tough few months, life as a single mom is not always a bowl of cherries. In general I try to hide any negative feelings  cause well I always say my glass is half full and it could be worse.  That doesn’t mean I don’t struggle and hurt at times, it just means I keep moving and keep the negative to when I am alone.

As silly as it sounds I’d secluded myself so much through the summer trying to constantly play catch up I’d almost forgot life existed outside my door.  Buying my car reminded me that life is out there and good people exist. A smile and a laugh can change your mood, it can lift you. Yes I got this from buying a car,  who knew these strangers could have such an impact on my life with their positive energy.

I think the reason it just wasn’t another sale, goes a wee bit deeper.  When I told the Honda boys about my daughters online auction to help save more dogs in kill shelters, they wanted to help.  Dave and Bryan discussed it and they were so touched by my 12 year old daughters efforts that they donated a basket to our online auction.  Well as you can imagine no words were enough in that moment. As I drove home my eyes welled up with tears realizing that these strangers that I will probably never see again helped both me and my daughter in more ways then one.

So the next time you wonder if a smile, a laugh, a small effort will change someones life, It will.  Maybe you won’t realize it at the time but know a kind heart and a smile goes a long way to help lift others.  Maybe you don’t know what’s going on in their life and you just made a huge difference, like Stouffville Honda did.

IMG-6382Now as for Mr. Peter, well, he was in the car on the day I brought it home. We had to go to obedience school.  Unfortunately I had not puppy proofed the brand new car.  As we headed out the kids thought it would be fun to put the seat down and give Peter more room.  Of course I was driving and then it happened. I heard the scratches and I cringed. As I yelled, “get Peter! get Peter!”  It was too late and my brand new car had scratch marks in the carpet.   Did Peter get in trouble?  Not at all.  He didn’t know, he was following instinct so if anyone was to blame it was me and Peter is still my pride and joy and loving the new car.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday September 1st for our garage sale and Bake Sale. And September 4th and 5th for our online auction. And don’t forget if you are in the market for a new car, pop by Stouffville Honda and let Bryan and Dave know that Kim sent ya 🙂


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