Our Angels Dog Rescue Fundraiser

My humans have been working hard to try and get some awareness out to our Garage / Bake sale this weekend, Saturday September 1st.

People have been popping by all week dropping off items and today was no different. Although today I saw a tear in my mums eye.  You see all the fundraising events have been awesome and exciting but today it was geared right towards me and mom tells me this is how it all started, ME!


Mum was busy in a meeting when the parcel was delivered. But then after she opened it up and saw this picture of me.. I am FAMOUS!!!  Pete’s Treats, has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think?   Mum showed me that this box was for visiting owners and dogs to offer a donation and walk away with some yummy , tummy friendly treats.

I hope you will stop by tomorrow for the garage sale my humans have put an awful lot of work into this event. It takes place in Keswick Just off of Lake Drive.  If you want the address to come out and support Our Angels Dog Rescue, to help more dogs like me that are still in kill shelters please email Kimmerae@gmail.com

Hope to see ya there… I’ll be in the window watching and wagging my tail. I may even come out to visit from time to time to say thank-you

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