Our Angels Dog Rescue Fundraiser

My humans have been working hard to try and get some awareness out to our Garage / Bake sale this weekend, Saturday September 1st.

People have been popping by all week dropping off items and today was no different. Although today I saw a tear in my mums eye.  You see all the fundraising events have been awesome and exciting but today it was geared right towards me and mom tells me this is how it all started, ME!


Mum was busy in a meeting when the parcel was delivered. But then after she opened it up and saw this picture of me.. I am FAMOUS!!!  Pete’s Treats, has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think?   Mum showed me that this box was for visiting owners and dogs to offer a donation and walk away with some yummy , tummy friendly treats.

I hope you will stop by tomorrow for the garage sale my humans have put an awful lot of work into this event. It takes place in Keswick Just off of Lake Drive.  If you want the address to come out and support Our Angels Dog Rescue, to help more dogs like me that are still in kill shelters please email Kimmerae@gmail.com

Hope to see ya there… I’ll be in the window watching and wagging my tail. I may even come out to visit from time to time to say thank-you

Love my Honda HRV

Peter is busy getting ready for the garage sale and online auction today so It’s his mommy telling a story tonight.


As a single mom the last thing I want to do is go into a car dealership and buy a car. I cringe at the thought, will they take advantage of me cause I know NOTHING about cars? Ok that’s not true, I know where the oil goes, windshield wiper fluid, gas, and I know how to drive the dam thing.  Anything else gives me a headache.

So I have the things I am good at but cars has never been one of them.  Then it happened… At petsmart with two kids and a dog and my car dies. Are you freaking kidding me? Got a ride home late that night and then posted on facebook to see if someone could get me to my car in the am when the tow truck was coming.  Spent the next day waiting, waiting, waiting for a tow truck.


Found out it was just the battery… phew. New battery and I am good to go… WRONG!!!  On my way to Upper Canada Mall to deliver my daughter to camp grandma the next day and whamo… temperature light goes on.

So we drop off my daughter and on one of the hottest days of the summer my son and I drive back with the heat on high to keep the temperature down (yup, I googled it).  Back to the shop we go to find out I am leaking antifreeze.  OK, so what does that mean?  Oh yay, another $500.00 into the 2004 car.  But wait the exhaust is going, and the underside of the car is all rust.  I am sooooo done at this point and stranded with no car and two kids on my own with nobody to help me. Did I say I hate maintaining cars? I just want them to work cause a single mom with no wheels doesn’t cut it in the country with minimal transit.

That’s where this journey takes a turn.  With the advice of some friends I decide to look into the Honda HRV.  I decided to go to Stouffville Honda. Now the last few years have not been a walk in the park for me and I just assumed this would be no different. But I was wrong.

First thing I did, went to the website and looked for the guy with the biggest smile. That’s when I emailed Bryan Weir, salesman at Stouffville Honda.  I arranged to meet with him (with the kids in tow).

Off we go to Stouffville Honda, praying my car will make it and a jug of antifreeze in the trunk just in case.  Sweat pouring down my face, as we drive with the heat on, we arrive safely.  As I made my way to the door I felt sick to my stomach.. ewww, I was actually doing this.img-6426.jpg

Bing, bang, boom… I had just purchased the car I wanted, in my budget, nobody up selling me or telling me I needed things I didn’t,  with the friendliest people I’d ever dealt with.  My stomach stopped aching, my stress level dropped (that meant I stopped rambling)  and I even had a few laughs with both Bryan and Seamus.

The following week I was on my way to pick up my brand new 2018 Honda HRV.  My poor old Buick ended up at the wreckers but it had served me well.  They year I separated from my husband in 2015 was the same year my RAV4 died and my parents where kind enough to give me their 2004 Buick so I would not be stuck with no car as I was not even working at the time.  I was very happy to be getting back into an SUV.

The day I went to pick up the car and sign my life away was bitter sweet. I’d enjoyed meeting the team and as silly as it sounded I was going to miss them. You see what they never knew is I’ve had a really tough few months, life as a single mom is not always a bowl of cherries. In general I try to hide any negative feelings  cause well I always say my glass is half full and it could be worse.  That doesn’t mean I don’t struggle and hurt at times, it just means I keep moving and keep the negative to when I am alone.

As silly as it sounds I’d secluded myself so much through the summer trying to constantly play catch up I’d almost forgot life existed outside my door.  Buying my car reminded me that life is out there and good people exist. A smile and a laugh can change your mood, it can lift you. Yes I got this from buying a car,  who knew these strangers could have such an impact on my life with their positive energy.

I think the reason it just wasn’t another sale, goes a wee bit deeper.  When I told the Honda boys about my daughters online auction to help save more dogs in kill shelters, they wanted to help.  Dave and Bryan discussed it and they were so touched by my 12 year old daughters efforts that they donated a basket to our online auction.  Well as you can imagine no words were enough in that moment. As I drove home my eyes welled up with tears realizing that these strangers that I will probably never see again helped both me and my daughter in more ways then one.

So the next time you wonder if a smile, a laugh, a small effort will change someones life, It will.  Maybe you won’t realize it at the time but know a kind heart and a smile goes a long way to help lift others.  Maybe you don’t know what’s going on in their life and you just made a huge difference, like Stouffville Honda did.

IMG-6382Now as for Mr. Peter, well, he was in the car on the day I brought it home. We had to go to obedience school.  Unfortunately I had not puppy proofed the brand new car.  As we headed out the kids thought it would be fun to put the seat down and give Peter more room.  Of course I was driving and then it happened. I heard the scratches and I cringed. As I yelled, “get Peter! get Peter!”  It was too late and my brand new car had scratch marks in the carpet.   Did Peter get in trouble?  Not at all.  He didn’t know, he was following instinct so if anyone was to blame it was me and Peter is still my pride and joy and loving the new car.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday September 1st for our garage sale and Bake Sale. And September 4th and 5th for our online auction. And don’t forget if you are in the market for a new car, pop by Stouffville Honda and let Bryan and Dave know that Kim sent ya 🙂


Our Angels Dog Rescue Summer Fundraiser

Peter fund raiser poster

Hi its me Peter, so much has been going on I can hardly wait to tell you all about it.  My Human sister came up with this amazing idea last week.  She told mom, “I have my summer project,”  Of course mom wanted to know what it was, she went on to tell her she was going to spend the summer raising money to donate back to Our Angels Dog Rescue so that she could save more dogs lives that are in high kill shelters.

I was so excited, I couldn’t believe that my girl was going to work hard all summer long to help my friends to find homes just like they did for me.

Some of the things going on throughout the summer are:

  • Online Auction (feel free to donate items to our auction by emailing abpluskvbs@gmail.com )
  • Bake Sale
  • Garage Sale
  • Donations to a GoFundme account
  • Homemade bandannas that will go up for sale.
  • And more to come…..

Check back for dates of all our charity events to be posted soon! 


Well my home got real busy!!! mom was on the computer and she set up a facebook group for the online Auction, and she set up a the Gofundme page. A day after mom set up the go fund me account  we had 2 donations on it… 2!!! My sister was soooooo excited, and so was I.

My sister got busy making signs and planning and my brother asked if he could help run the lemonade stand during the garage sale so he could help too.

My sister has been busy trying to get donations for the online auction and she even posted signs


at our house so people walking their dogs can see what’s going on.

The entire family has been very busy and I can’t believe how much they’re doing to help my friends.  I also overheard some of the yummy treats they’re making for the bake sale so you won’t want to miss that!! I can’t eat any of them cause I can’t have chocolate or other yummy people treats. Then my sister came up with a great idea, “maybe we should make dog treats for the bake sale too? ” I LOVE this idea, and I can’t wait to try them, I am sure I will be able to be the sampler before they go on the bake sale table… WOOFHEE.

I was one of the lucky ones that found my home and with your help we can find warm, loving homes for others, just like me.  Don’t forget to share this post by clicking the button below, the more we can spread the word the more dogs we can help.

Well I must go now the kids are home from school and we have lots to do to get ready. Have a paws….itively great day.







Peter’s New Life

Hi I am Peter and I wanted to tell you a little bit about me.  I had a bit of a rough start in life but with the help of some very loving humans here I am; happy again.

My rescuer told my new mom that I was born in Kentucky and was in a home but I don’t think they really wanted me there. I spent time outside with little love until I wondered away and nobody went looking for me.  I ended up in a shelter; I was cold, scared and lonely. I just wanted someone to love me , I have so much love to give , I just wanted a chance.  I heard my rescue team tell my new owner I was in a high kill shelter and if I had not been rescued I would have been sentenced to death.

Then it happened, Our Angels dog rescue saved my life, as they do many others that end up there.  I can’t say enough good about our angels dog rescue, they showed me love and compassion and I will never forget them.

On March 24, 2018 I started my long journey to Canada, but I didn’t know where I was going and was a little scared.  I traveled all day into the evening.  I met many friendly volunteers that helped my on my journey.  We then got to the USA / Canada boarder and I got to meet some more friendly people as we waited to cross over to Canada.    travelling to Canada 3

I was traveling with a few of my furry friends so that made me feel more comfortable.  I was the last one to be dropped off with my new foster care family. I was hoping they would love me and would keep me safe and adopt me.  Then it happened, at 9:30pm the car door opened and there she was, she had a big smile and I greeted her with a smile back, a wagging tail and lots of kisses.   She took the collar off me and put a new sparkling collar around my neck with my name on it.

It was time to head back to her house.  The drive wasn’t to long but I was still a little scared.  We finally got home, it was dark but we went for a little walk around the house so I could see where I was.  We went into the house and I was soooooo excited I was running and jumping everywhere.  I had a soft bed, LOTS of toys in my toy box (that I chewed apart one day when I got bored), treats, and then she gave me dinner too.  We spent the night getting to know each other and it was a great night of lots of love, snuggles,  and playtime. I didn’t know where to sleep so I kept jumping on and off the bed until she showed me where to settle down.  I was just so excited, every hour I jumped on the bed to give her kisses and even though I kept waking her up she just smiled and put me back to bed.  My new mom is nice and she really, truly loves me. The kids weren’t here that day but I was hoping they’d love me too.

I am home… really home this time.  But I couldn’t have got here without Our Angels Dog Rescue.  They work endless hours to help us that are turned away from our original owners.  They survive on donations given by people who also love and want to save us.  They work long, long hours with the reward being saving a life and finding second chances for us.  I wish I could help Julita she works so hard just for dogs like me.  I’ll never forget her and my new human and her have become friends so I will get to see her again too.



So here I am, I’ve been adopted and no longer in foster care with my new humans, I’am very happy. My new mom works from home and I like that I can sit by her feet while she is working. Sometimes I try to be silly while she’s working and make her laugh… I usually succeed.  That’s when she came up with the idea of Peter’s barking blog.  We live by the lake and we thought we would post some pictures of the scenery from when we are on our daily walks.  I hope you will stop by and follow us on our adventures on Peter’s barking Blog.

BTW… if you would like to donate to our angels dog rescue and help save more of my friends CLICK HERE

Back In The Saddle

Seems I’ve been missing in action for awhile, I didn’t plan it, it just happened.  I feel a little disconnected from my friends, clients, networks.. and I miss you.

When I first started on this path of being a single mom I never imagined the triumphs and tribulations that would come along with it.  I continue to seek employment and grow my business at the same time… after all its up to me now on my own.  Sometimes those words are scary but I am a fighter always have been and failure is not in my vocabulary.. not even on the toughest of days.

I often hear, “you should get out do for you.”  But between kids and their own struggles with the changes in their life, work, the never ending household chores, lawyers and court days… there seems little time for me.  Its funny I think the only one that doesn’t notice that I don’t have free time is me.  I have become very reactive but ya know what, most single moms will probably tell you its the only way.  My days of planning and scheduling seem to be long past now its about what issue I am dealing with at the moment.

Although life has been challenging I’ve also have a new found happiness.. life is actually really good.  I am the healthiest and strongest I’ve been in years.  When they say stress takes a toll on you, well I can vouch for that, but I love my new found health and happiness!

I have learned to stop and enjoy.. all of it!  The kids and I recently were at that Sutton Fair and I went on the rides with them for a change.  The smiles on their faces was worth the cost of the extra tickets.  Bumper cars, to spinning rides and games.. I played and rode almost everything the kids did.  Of course I enjoyed all my fair food favourites too.. what would the fair be without Big Bone Pulled Pork or some cotton candy?

20160809_232500 (1)

Although I was always very active with my kids playing with them, doing crafts, attending all their school activities and events,  I have become more active and patient in everything we do.  A recent visit to Fern Resort proved to be worth it.. although not in this single moms budget, I decided it was much needed for all three of us.   Every minute of our trip was enjoyable.  I was climbing the ropes, playing the games, and enjoying the smiles it was bringing to the kids faces.  Fern Resort holds many good memories for me of my momstown days and going back with the kids as we are all dealing with different issues from the result of a divorce, it just seemed fitting.. and I was right.  The budget only allowed us to be there for one night but we arrived early and stayed as long as we could to take in every minute of the break away from home.  Even mealtime proved to be a fun adventure full of giggles and conversation.  I do hope to take them back before the summer is over as it was the first time in awhile the kids and I didn’t think of anything but the fun that was in front of us… Thank-you Fern Resort.


So you see.. I’ve been a little busy piecing my life back together as I have moved on as a single mom and first and foremost making sure the kids find peace in their new life too.  Juggling between the work I need to support us and being there for them has had its struggles.  Summer has been especially hard but enjoyable.

Life is good… and so am I .. finally!!!  

September is when I jump in with two feet and continue to grow my business bigger and better so that I can continue working hard and at the same time, being there for the kids when they need me most. …. I am back in the saddle 🙂



mommy talk on Rogers TV Georgina

mommytalk logo

Hard to believe the summer is coming to an end, pool is closing, the sun is setting earlier, and we’re getting ready for back to school.  That also means mommy talk will be starting up again real soon!

This year we have changed things around a little, Amy and I will still be joining you but we are looking for regular moms to appear with us.  Once a month we want you to join us for our Monday tapings, at the Rogers studio in Georgina, to be a part of our panel.

If you would like to join the Rogers family email mommytalk@rogerstv.com and let them know you want to join us.  Our producer will get in touch with you and set up an appointment for you to have a chance to join us on the set!

Looking forward to another great season of mommy talk, hope you will join us!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Recently I started my new business as a Virtual Assistant. After I closed down my momstown chapter I was torn with what direction to go but I knew I loved being an entrepreneur and have many skills to offer.   At the same time I became a single mom so growing my business was also something I knew I couldn’t waste anytime in doing.

twitter 1

Once again I called upon  Shelagh Cummins for a little bit of help. She also made me realize that I was not living up to my full potential, my original offering of just social media assistance was closing the door before I had opened it.  I have an extensive background in data bases, administrative, social media, event planning, scheduling, bookkeeping, and so much more that a virtual assistant (VA) was a perfect fit for me and my background. This also allows me to continue to stay in touch with my community work and committees that are so dear to my heart.

So first thing was to send out my mini announcement and let my current clients know the new path that I was on and see if I could be assistance to them.  I was surprised as the many emails came in, “what is a virtual assistant?”   So I thought I’d put a simple explanation of what it is I can do to help you grow your business.

Think of me as your personal assistant from afar,  I could also fall under the categories of: administrative assistant, office manager, right hand and friend.  The advantage is you only hire me when you need me. I can help you for long term projects and I can help for short term.  I can help you at a moments notice to keep the ball rolling, you can book my time for down the road to ensure my availability.  Now with so many online options I can work for you if you live across the country or if you are right in my backyard.

My goal is to take the stress and unnecessary demands away from you so you can focus your time on where it matters most.  Weather it be sending out emails to your clients, planning events with you, helping you with your blog, attending live events to manage a booth, preparing reports, bookkeeping entries, blog assistance, performance bookings, website help, databases, research, customer service, even handling the dreaded Christmas card list and more…  I can help you!

Give me a call, send me an email and we can discuss where I best fit into your budget and your business requirements to help you grow your business.

VA photob

Moving forward as a single mom and entrepreneur

Sometimes life sends us on the path of least expected, It seemed like I woke up one day and I was on my own learning to provide for me and my kids while growing a new business, a scary, unexpected place I didn’t expect to be.

kim and kids

Life goes on even when it feels like it has stopped.  You just get up brush yourself off and move forward.  But I was confused as to the how and what but I was working hard on trying to figure it out while dealing with the emotional scares of a failed marriage at the same time.

Then one day as I sat staring at my computer screen wondering what my next step was, people, business friends started reaching out to me. The people that reached out were unexpected but welcomed and heart felt.

One of those people was Shelagh Cummins.  I’ve known Shelagh for a few years; we first met at a training session at an annual momstown conference.  I liked Shelagh from the day I met her, she was real, honest, caring and a wealth of information.  Over the next few years I saw her at conferences like Blissdom Canada and WIBN, I also reached out to her on a few occasions when I needed some business assistance. If it was an emergency she always did what she could to connect with me, no matter her schedule, and help me see the light through the trees.

blissdom pic2

As I was trying to figure out next steps there was the answer staring me in the face, a text from Shelagh to assist me once again. I replied with a thank-you but not much more.  Then I realized, I do need Shelagh’s help, I sent her a note and said, “yes I do need to chat with you I am feeling a little lost.” She encouraged me not to give up and stay on my path but build in a more productive way to move my business forward.  She also encouraged me to take time for me, something I am not very good at.

She knew I was struggling both emotionally and in my business and we chatted about finding the best direction for both. I am not sure if she realized it but she took a lot of fear away that day, she also helped me feel less alone as I started my new journey as a single mom trying to support and care for my two beautiful children.

My life is starting to get back on track, and although it’s a different path then I ever saw me traveling it’s a good path that has allowed me to find peace and even a few smiles along the way.  Oh I am still scared but my drive to succeed is now bigger then my fear.

I was the person that just worked and didn’t see the need nor did I think I had the  time for a business consultant, until I met Shelagh.  I realized when we work so hard in our business we often miss the writing on the wall.  I used to say, “I work in my cave.”  What I meant by that is I worked day in, day out, and I didn’t always have the answers working by myself, in my cave.  I chose the path I thought was best for me and my business but I wasn’t always taking the right one, Shelagh helps me find the right path.  In the past I didn’t want to spend what I thought were unnecessary expenses on the business. The truth is the money spent on a business consultant allows me to make more money as I have a clearer vision not only on the path I need to travel but how to get there and enjoy life as I go.

Something I also learned from Shelagh is its ok to lean on people from time to time, and sometimes those you least expect are there for you.  Embrace, don’t walk away feeling shame and embarrassment. I took that advise and recently when Leigh Mitchell from WIBN and Julie Cole of Mabel’s Labels, along with a few others, also reached out to lend a hand I accepted with thanks!  It also showed me the power of social media and women helping women.

I’ve tried to peel back that outer shell that doesn’t allow me to reach out for help and take the help where I can find it in an effort to grow personally and professionally.  I couldn’t do it without being surrounded with amazing people that continue to assist me to stay on this path and become an independent, successful business women. It has also allowed me to not feel so alone.

Be sure to check back , or follow my blog as I will continue to share the ups and downs of life as a single mom.

Nearing 50 – and a new me

Nearing 50 and not liking me…..

the 80s

I was a size 0 when I was in high school and I liked my small frame, now at the age of 48 I worry about my larger size and my health.   I remember my brother used tease me when I was young, “If you turn sideways you’ll disappear,”  I was ok with that, so why now does it bother me when people say, “oh you’ve lost weight you look good.”  I guess back in those days I knew I didn’t have the weight to lose so when people say it now I feel like they see me as a person that needs to lose some lbs.

My first job out of high school was at a company called A.B. Chance Co of Canada, located in Scarborough.  One day on my way to work it happened and this would start the change in my life.  My lung collapsed, sounds simple enough go to the hospital take care of it and get on with your life.


So why do I bring up my breathing issues when I am talking about my weight gain?  my breathing issues were also the introduction of steroids to my daily life (and weight gain).  From pills, nasal sprays, inhalers and more this became a regular part of my life during asthma attacks.  Through the really bad episodes it was found that only regular high doses of prednisone would bring me back, I hate the prednisone!!  One of my drs once said, “it’s the lesser evil of your choices” , and I sadly agree.

2006 to 2014

I summarize my journey here for sake of time but this has been a 25 year journey, specialist after specialist, test after test and still no diagnoses. One Dr says, “exercise!!!” another will say, “take it easy”.  I’ve had regular visits for months on end to St. Michael’s hospital and therapy sessions that still left me undiagnosed and some weeks, fighting for my life.

Then in 2005 I was pregnant with my first child, through constant breathing problems and inhalers and then gestational diabetes I put on more weight and that started me on more of a down spiral to how I felt about me.  In 2008 I had my second child and again had gestational diabetes and more breathing issues. (although I would not change it for anything as I was blessed with two beautiful babies).

My children are 6 and 8 now and I don’t like them to hear how I feel about me, I try to keep body image as a positive one but honestly sometimes this is hard.  “mommy you need a new bathing suits.”  EEEEKKK!!! I DO NOT want to go bathing suite shopping but I also don’t want to tell them why.  Truth is I very rarely go cloths shopping at all. A few years ago my husband and I went on a vacation on a cruise and my biggest fear was the pool and having to put on the dreaded bathing suite. I never ended up in the pool on the ship.


I am also the community producer and co-host of a show called mommy talk on Rogers TV Georgina.  On taping nights everything in my closet comes out to see what I can put on that will hide my body figure especially when I sit on that red sofa.  When I watch the show I am proud of the content and the amazing show we’ve created but I cringe when I see my rolls on TV.

mommy talk team

So here I am with 50 creeping up in a few years and every winter I say I’ll lose weight in the summer when I feel better.  Then the summer hits, if flies by and aside from swimming in our pool I miss out on my weight loss goals, then my health issues kicks in again and its a big fail.

My new favourite show is Dr. Oz, I watch it every day for tips, how to live a healthy lifestyle, and great recipes, even my daughter loves this show now. I have always been a healthy eater but still needed improvement and Dr. Oz has helped me since I need to keep my energy up, always been a tough one for me, and lose weight.

This year on May 9th I will be doing a 5k walk for the Recovery Cancer Foundation and this I am hoping will motivate me to continue my journey through the summer months and beyond.

I have also ordered some products from the Jeunesse line I sell as an independent distributor.  I am going to keep my journey on my blog so that you to can follow my travels, keep me motivated and maybe I can even help you with yours.