Amanda’s Wish – A trip to Disney World

Kim and Amanda

6 years ago I got a call from a lady that wanted to buy my bumbo seat that I had for sale on a local facebook buy and sell page, we’ve been friends ever since.

Our boys were close in age and we started having play days together.  When I decided to open momstown GEG in 2009 it was Amanda by my side.  As momstown grew she continued to support my chapter joining at events and recruiting moms along the way.

momstown GEG 2009

They decided to moved a little further out of town and we spent more time on facebook then in person but our friendship was still solid and we knew we could depend on each other.  When I closed my momstown chapter earlier this year Amanda made the trip, although not feeling great, she joined in to support me at the momstown GEG good-bye party.

She is a young mom and after many tests was diagnosed with breast cancer; her battle has been a fierce one but her strength has amazed all of us around her.

amanda pic

Here is a little bit about Amanda’s journey:

Amanda is a dedicated wonderful young mother of two gorgeous kids Amanda (Mandy) Dufour. Amanda at the young age of 32 was diagnosed with breast cancer.

 Her Journey began in June 2013 when she started feeling something strange on her left breast. After few weeks of checkups and misdiagnosis; she finally got diagnosed with a very aggressive type of breast cancer.  

 After numerous scans from head to toe; she found out that her cancer had spread. She is now stage IV. It is now on her spine, lymph nodes, underarm, and back of her neck.

Obviously this news were not what she wanted to hear. She is a devoted mother of two precious angels and a wife of a hardworking man.  

 Her diagnosis brought many tears, many questions; what would their children do without their mommy? Why so young?  

After a week of crying over it; something snapped! Amanda decided to FIGHT tooth and nail and stop feeling sorry for herself. She started her chemo dose. Her hair was falling out and her skin got dry. As the time went on, she started filling more ill; but she kept pushing.  

 Amanda is a fighter. She is determined to do whatever it takes to be with her kids. Leaving her kids is not an option. They NEED her. She has been an inspiration to many people around her. Her battle is a hard one but she chose to fight.

 She only has one wish; she wants to spend as much time as possible with her kids and husband. Her dream is to go on a family vacation to Disney World before she gets to ill to travel.  

Lets raise awareness that breast cancer can happen at any age; and also to come together as a community and help Amanda’s wish come true. Let’s send the Dufour Family to a well-deserved Disney World Vacation.

Amanda’s wish is to take her family to Disney World while she can still travel and If I could wave my magic wand and grant her this wish I would.  With your support I hope that we can help her grant her wish.

I wish I could grant her the wish of health but I can’t so this is the next best thing I can do to help.  One day when I take my own kids I want to be able to smile walking through Disney World thinking about the great memories Amanda was able to make when she took her kids thanks to the help of friends, family and her community.

You can donate directly by clicking HERE.

Any funds above the money needed for her will be donated to Gildas Club of Barrie.

Or you can contact me at

Lets show Amanda’s Family that dreams can come true.

Rise To The Occasion

As business owners we often have to do things that are out of our comfort zone.  To be successful we rise to the occasion and do it.  I try not to think about the things that are out of my comfort zone and just do what is required to do.  When I was working full time in an office the director once said to me, “Kim tackle the little frogs first and then tackle the big frogs.”

When I first opened my business these were mostly little frogs, small things like selling my brand, speaking in public, being part of committees and supporting community organizations. This may not seem like much to some but I have always been the one that worked behind the scenes, the one that made it happen. I did my job and let others be the front runners. I was the quiet voice behind the scenes and I liked it there.

I put my fears behind me when I opened my business and I did what I needed to do to grow my business and grow personally. Some days that was big frogs and some days it was little frogs.

I decided to pitch a show to our local television station, Rogers TV Georgina… this was a big frog. I pitched the show to our local supervising producer, then to the table of the “big bosses” and then an on camera audition. They liked the idea of the show and over the next 6 months there were meetings to work out the details and see what would be going to air.

mommy talk team

One day I was asked if I would like to host the show, you know be the person in front and centre, I said, “no I couldn’t do that.” I was brought in as community producer and co-host of mommy talk and I was happy with that. In March of 2012 we taped our first show… EXCITING!!!


I’ve been community producer and on set every two weeks for our tapings ever since. Then it happened…. A phone call from our host, she had the flu and taping was in 3 hours.

rogers wall

As the saying goes, “the show must go on,” and it did with me in the host seat. As I sent some texts to our host Amy she assisted me and encouraged me that I could do this. Not a lot of time to prepare, a little nervous about listening to the voices in my ear (the producer) while keeping the conversation going. With a lot of encouragement from our great producer, host and crew I hosted my first show in 2015. Can I add that once cameras were rolling the show was the easy part but the promo was another story.

host feb 2015

A few weeks later when I was needed to host once again, I did it again, a little bit better and little more confident. Although I was happy to hand the hosting hat back to our regular host I was happy to know that I could do this and sometimes we need to tackle those “big frogs” first to reach new heights.

I always tell my kids, “sometimes in life we need to do things that make us nervous but its part of life. We need to step outside our comfort zone and rise to the occasion.” What kind of example would I have been if I didn’t rise to the occasion.

Rise to the occasion; don’t let fear limit your success soar with your dreams.

ABC plus K arriving soon in Georgina

Today I got up, got the kids ready for school , made lunches, and headed to the school bus pick-up with the kids.  Same start as I have every day, right?  Actually today was different, not for the kids but for me.  Today I made it official, I announced on Georgina Life, Rogers TV Georgina, that momstown GEG is closing and I will jump into a new business of my own, ABC plus K Business Services.


So what is ABC plus K you ask.  Well I had many businesses in Georgina ask me for my assistance, they want social media help from me.  I have the background, I know the businesses, I’ve been an active part of the community for many years, so why not.

So here I am ready to turn the page and start a new chapter in my life.  I am here to assist you with business integration, business strategies, office admin, blog posts, social media presence and engagement.

I am very excited about this new chapter as I get to do what I love most, meet and engage with people.

Thank-you for letting me know what you wanted to see me doing next.

mommytalk logo

In case you’re wondering you will still find me on Rogers TV Georgina as community producer and on set every week of mommy talk.  Don’t forget we’re always looking for people to join our panel of guests so don’t be shy, email me.