Peter’s New Life

Hi I am Peter and I wanted to tell you a little bit about me.  I had a bit of a rough start in life but with the help of some very loving humans here I am; happy again.

My rescuer told my new mom that I was born in Kentucky and was in a home but I don’t think they really wanted me there. I spent time outside with little love until I wondered away and nobody went looking for me.  I ended up in a shelter; I was cold, scared and lonely. I just wanted someone to love me , I have so much love to give , I just wanted a chance.  I heard my rescue team tell my new owner I was in a high kill shelter and if I had not been rescued I would have been sentenced to death.

Then it happened, Our Angels dog rescue saved my life, as they do many others that end up there.  I can’t say enough good about our angels dog rescue, they showed me love and compassion and I will never forget them.

On March 24, 2018 I started my long journey to Canada, but I didn’t know where I was going and was a little scared.  I traveled all day into the evening.  I met many friendly volunteers that helped my on my journey.  We then got to the USA / Canada boarder and I got to meet some more friendly people as we waited to cross over to Canada.    travelling to Canada 3

I was traveling with a few of my furry friends so that made me feel more comfortable.  I was the last one to be dropped off with my new foster care family. I was hoping they would love me and would keep me safe and adopt me.  Then it happened, at 9:30pm the car door opened and there she was, she had a big smile and I greeted her with a smile back, a wagging tail and lots of kisses.   She took the collar off me and put a new sparkling collar around my neck with my name on it.

It was time to head back to her house.  The drive wasn’t to long but I was still a little scared.  We finally got home, it was dark but we went for a little walk around the house so I could see where I was.  We went into the house and I was soooooo excited I was running and jumping everywhere.  I had a soft bed, LOTS of toys in my toy box (that I chewed apart one day when I got bored), treats, and then she gave me dinner too.  We spent the night getting to know each other and it was a great night of lots of love, snuggles,  and playtime. I didn’t know where to sleep so I kept jumping on and off the bed until she showed me where to settle down.  I was just so excited, every hour I jumped on the bed to give her kisses and even though I kept waking her up she just smiled and put me back to bed.  My new mom is nice and she really, truly loves me. The kids weren’t here that day but I was hoping they’d love me too.

I am home… really home this time.  But I couldn’t have got here without Our Angels Dog Rescue.  They work endless hours to help us that are turned away from our original owners.  They survive on donations given by people who also love and want to save us.  They work long, long hours with the reward being saving a life and finding second chances for us.  I wish I could help Julita she works so hard just for dogs like me.  I’ll never forget her and my new human and her have become friends so I will get to see her again too.



So here I am, I’ve been adopted and no longer in foster care with my new humans, I’am very happy. My new mom works from home and I like that I can sit by her feet while she is working. Sometimes I try to be silly while she’s working and make her laugh… I usually succeed.  That’s when she came up with the idea of Peter’s barking blog.  We live by the lake and we thought we would post some pictures of the scenery from when we are on our daily walks.  I hope you will stop by and follow us on our adventures on Peter’s barking Blog.

BTW… if you would like to donate to our angels dog rescue and help save more of my friends CLICK HERE