What is a Virtual Assistant?

Recently I started my new business as a Virtual Assistant. After I closed down my momstown chapter I was torn with what direction to go but I knew I loved being an entrepreneur and have many skills to offer.   At the same time I became a single mom so growing my business was also something I knew I couldn’t waste anytime in doing.

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Once again I called upon  Shelagh Cummins for a little bit of help. She also made me realize that I was not living up to my full potential, my original offering of just social media assistance was closing the door before I had opened it.  I have an extensive background in data bases, administrative, social media, event planning, scheduling, bookkeeping, and so much more that a virtual assistant (VA) was a perfect fit for me and my background. This also allows me to continue to stay in touch with my community work and committees that are so dear to my heart.

So first thing was to send out my mini announcement and let my current clients know the new path that I was on and see if I could be assistance to them.  I was surprised as the many emails came in, “what is a virtual assistant?”   So I thought I’d put a simple explanation of what it is I can do to help you grow your business.

Think of me as your personal assistant from afar,  I could also fall under the categories of: administrative assistant, office manager, right hand and friend.  The advantage is you only hire me when you need me. I can help you for long term projects and I can help for short term.  I can help you at a moments notice to keep the ball rolling, you can book my time for down the road to ensure my availability.  Now with so many online options I can work for you if you live across the country or if you are right in my backyard.

My goal is to take the stress and unnecessary demands away from you so you can focus your time on where it matters most.  Weather it be sending out emails to your clients, planning events with you, helping you with your blog, attending live events to manage a booth, preparing reports, bookkeeping entries, blog assistance, performance bookings, website help, databases, research, customer service, even handling the dreaded Christmas card list and more…  I can help you!

Give me a call, send me an email and we can discuss where I best fit into your budget and your business requirements to help you grow your business.

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