Back In The Saddle

Seems I’ve been missing in action for awhile, I didn’t plan it, it just happened.  I feel a little disconnected from my friends, clients, networks.. and I miss you.

When I first started on this path of being a single mom I never imagined the triumphs and tribulations that would come along with it.  I continue to seek employment and grow my business at the same time… after all its up to me now on my own.  Sometimes those words are scary but I am a fighter always have been and failure is not in my vocabulary.. not even on the toughest of days.

I often hear, “you should get out do for you.”  But between kids and their own struggles with the changes in their life, work, the never ending household chores, lawyers and court days… there seems little time for me.  Its funny I think the only one that doesn’t notice that I don’t have free time is me.  I have become very reactive but ya know what, most single moms will probably tell you its the only way.  My days of planning and scheduling seem to be long past now its about what issue I am dealing with at the moment.

Although life has been challenging I’ve also have a new found happiness.. life is actually really good.  I am the healthiest and strongest I’ve been in years.  When they say stress takes a toll on you, well I can vouch for that, but I love my new found health and happiness!

I have learned to stop and enjoy.. all of it!  The kids and I recently were at that Sutton Fair and I went on the rides with them for a change.  The smiles on their faces was worth the cost of the extra tickets.  Bumper cars, to spinning rides and games.. I played and rode almost everything the kids did.  Of course I enjoyed all my fair food favourites too.. what would the fair be without Big Bone Pulled Pork or some cotton candy?

20160809_232500 (1)

Although I was always very active with my kids playing with them, doing crafts, attending all their school activities and events,  I have become more active and patient in everything we do.  A recent visit to Fern Resort proved to be worth it.. although not in this single moms budget, I decided it was much needed for all three of us.   Every minute of our trip was enjoyable.  I was climbing the ropes, playing the games, and enjoying the smiles it was bringing to the kids faces.  Fern Resort holds many good memories for me of my momstown days and going back with the kids as we are all dealing with different issues from the result of a divorce, it just seemed fitting.. and I was right.  The budget only allowed us to be there for one night but we arrived early and stayed as long as we could to take in every minute of the break away from home.  Even mealtime proved to be a fun adventure full of giggles and conversation.  I do hope to take them back before the summer is over as it was the first time in awhile the kids and I didn’t think of anything but the fun that was in front of us… Thank-you Fern Resort.


So you see.. I’ve been a little busy piecing my life back together as I have moved on as a single mom and first and foremost making sure the kids find peace in their new life too.  Juggling between the work I need to support us and being there for them has had its struggles.  Summer has been especially hard but enjoyable.

Life is good… and so am I .. finally!!!  

September is when I jump in with two feet and continue to grow my business bigger and better so that I can continue working hard and at the same time, being there for the kids when they need me most. …. I am back in the saddle 🙂