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In January 2015 I closed my digital media business, in April 2015 at the age of 49 my marriage came to an end. I was not bringing much income in at the time and I had to find a place to live and support me and the two kids. With no family in town I was doing it all alone. 


My struggles where overwhelming everyday, finding the right job for both me and my kids didn’t exist. They needed me a lot through this time and I needed to make money, lots of it. That’s when it came to me, I was afraid to take the leap to entrepreneurship again. This time on my own, no back-up, no support.  I also knew this would put me in charge of my destiny and I could do this, failing was not an option for me.


My book is about not only the struggles of going through a divorce, also being there for your children’s new emotional needs from divorce while building a successful business.

My hope is that I can share my story and help you gain the confidence you need to co-parent successfully, raise your kids with a smile (most of the time), and become your own person as a successful, confident entrepreneur. Most importantly know you are not alone in this journey to success. 


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